The 5 Practices of
Highly Effective Classrooms

This long-awaited online program is a "must-have" for anyone who has ever followed the work of Bob Marzano, Harvey Silver and Richard Strong. Offering a perfect balance between theory and practice, this powerful online program combines detailed instruction, with video of real classroom examples - all carefully selected by Dr. Silver and Dr. Marzano!

Listen as these educational giants walk you through their five pillars for teaching success. Then observe and study videos of real classroom examples - to model the practices of master teachers. This powerful program eliminates the challenge of translating research-based professional development material into real change of practices in the classroom.

Here are just some of the things you will be learning:

  1. How to engage students of all four learning styles... there is a difference!

  2. When to use compare/contrast and why it contributes to
    independent thinking.

  3. Four strategies you will use over and over with students
    who struggle with new vocabulary words... watch these
    techniques in action in real classrooms.

  4. The strategy that works best when you have to
    differentiate your classroom instruction.

  5. The four principles of thought - the keys to understanding
    how your students comprehend complex concepts.

  6. The 12 research proven core skills that separate high
    achievers from low achievers - and why they are so UNDER TAUGHT

Plus much, much more...