Assessment for Learning

Are your students reluctant to tell you they don’t understand something? You may be teaching, but are they learning? EI's Assessment for Learning program was created to provide you with the skills and tools needed to uncover what your students know, what they still need to learn, and how to use assessment as a tool for learning – not just evaluating.

This powerful program will provide you with the knowledge you need to create, develop and conduct a full range of high quality classroom assessments. Packed with practical suggestions for teachers of every subject, this program includes countless real classroom examples to model with your students. The program features an array of experts including Rick Stiggins, one of North America’s leading authors on classroom assessment, and founder of the Assessment Training Institute.

Here is just a taste of what you will be learning:

  1. Can a formative assessment be used for an out-of-class group assignment? Absolutely! Module IB shows you how.

  2. The major difference between an assessment and an activity – and how to determine which one is appropriate.

  3. How to use a formative assessment to obtain feedback on hard to quantify areas like student study skills and motivation.

  4. Why using a “ticket out” assessment is a great way to get daily feedback on your teaching.

  5. Is mind mapping right for your class? Module ID fully describes how mind maps can be used with any class of students.

  6. Why using a rubric will motivate students even when the content is dry.

  7. Do your students complain about grading that is too subjective? Learn how using a rubric can reduce your burden.

Plus much more.