Teaching the ESL Learner

The current increase in the immigrant population has resulted in a greater number of students whose first language is not English. In many situations it may no longer be feasible for these students to be the exclusive responsibility of ESL teachers. This program is designed for all teachers so they can master a basic repertoire of strategies for ESL learners. The program starts by simulating what it’s like for an ESL learner to sit in your classroom. Feel for yourself how confusing the classroom can be for these students.

Integrated throughout the program are powerful real classroom observations that show you the most effective ways to teach all ESL learners — regardless of their native language. Teachers that complete this program will be armed with numerous strategies to confidently integrate any ESL student into their classroom.

Here are just some of the things you will be learning:

  1. The effectiveness of facial expressions, gestures and body language – and why choosing the right time to use them is critical.

  2. How to determine the proper pace for your speaking and instruction.

  3. The extra-linquitic cues that work – and don’t work

  4. Simple linguistic modifications that can make a enormous difference in an ESL learner’s comprehension

  5. Why asking “Do you understand?” seldom works. Learn better ways to check for comprehension.

  6. The graphic organizers that are best suited to ESL students

  7. How to use “Think Alouds” to move ESL students toward higher level thinking skills.

Plus much more.