Exceptional Teaching in Action

Exceptional teaching can look almost effortless. The nuances of teaching can be obscure and hard to notice. Studying teaching rubrics, frameworks and models can help, but what is truly needed is a way to see exactly what exceptional teachers do in the classroom to be so effective.

Now for the first time, Educational Impact does just that with this new and on going program. You'll see first hand as today's top teaching rubrics are used to describe actual classroom teaching. Visualize what Dr. Marzano means when he says to "help students to effectively interact with new knowledge". Watch a teacher using "discussion techniques" with her students as Charlotte Danielson recommends in her Component 3b. Even "integrating instructional resources" as described in the Strong model is easier to understand when you see it in action.

Watch as our team of evaluators dissect the lessons of some truly exception teachers, and gain a deeper understanding of the craft of teaching.