Project Based Learning

Packed with powerful video examples of real teachers in action, this program will help you engage your students in relevant and authentic learning tasks associated with project based learning. Teachers, administrators and PD specialist that complete this unique program will be armed with the essential strategies needed to transform learning into a more active, student driven experience.

Each project suggested in the program achieves the goal of helping to build student skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, and supports an environment in which positive group dynamics flourish. Explore the challenges of PBL and develop projects appropriate for every grade level, in any school.

Here is just a taste of what you will be learning:

  1. How to design critical inquiry and problem solving into the heart of every project.

  2. Countless project suggestions that can be used to help students address community issues and global concerns

  3. Step-by-step guidance to take you from generating ideas, to project planning and successful implementation

  4. The 3 critical elements that any PBL rubric should contain.

  5. How “Backward Design” can be used to develop project based outcomes tied to national standards– and why choosing the proper design will help you teach and assess 21st century skills.

Plus much more.